A few thoughts on Sports Photography.

One of the reasons I picked up a camera was *not* to shoot sports. It seemed boring, repetitive, and overwhelming with the number of pictures people would take! But, alas, my children asked and so to the fields I went... 

As you can imagine, I was wrong.

There is so much emotion and strength in each athlete. Resolve, determination, frustration, joy, and camaraderie to be captured on a field or court or pool, the sidelines- just about everywhere that every game or match or meet feels like it's my first. Wondering who is going to shine today, anticipating the action, what moments am I going capture for these players and spectators that they may look back on in 5 years, 10 years, 40 years... That is the opposite of boring.

I love outdoor portrait work, studio stuff and banners, and media stuff feels like craft time without all the mess. All of that feeds my creative side. But looking through a set of action from a game feels like I’m looking through a collection of sports cards. Catching the peak action, reliving the moments of victory and loss, seeing a moment frozen in time where these athletes were giving 110% of themselves for their team. Nothing beats that.

Now, there really are a LOT of images to sort through and the majority of them are canned but the ones that make the cut are the ones I know the kids, parents, and teammates are going to love and appreciate for years to come. When you are far from your high school and college days you will appreciate these pictures and the memories that come with them!

And as I look through galleries from this past year I am anything but bored! I am inspired, motivated, excited, and just generally proud that I get to give these athletes memories to share! I have watched y'all win, lose, give up, fight to the finish, fight, cheer, and support and I am here for it all. I love getting to know you as individuals and teams, I am always sad when a season is over, and above all I just really love this job!

And it really never is the same game twice!

A few of my favorites, but not even close to all of them...

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wrestlers locked in

Mount Tabor High School Wrestling

swimmer doing the butterfly stroke in a swimming competition

Mount Tabor High School Swim and Dive

football players talking between plays

Atkins High School Football

football player pushes through the line

Mount Tabor High School Football

Keeper punches the ball away

NC Fusion u15

cheerleader holding sign cheering on football team

West Forsyth High School Cheer

image of boys at football practice walking in the dust and the sunset

FC Broncos Football

the crowd sprays water at a football game for fun

Mount Tabor High School Football H2O

sunset on a women's soccer player

Atkins Women's Soccer

dancers pose for a photo

Reynolds Dancing Boots

dance team doing a kick line

Mount Tabor High School Dance Team

tae kwon do image of girl kicking board

Tiger Kims TKD Black Belt Testing

pee wee football, football, little kids football

FC Broncos Football

Club Soccer mens soccer children's sports u10 soccer

NC Fusion u10 Soccer

Mens Soccer Photography

Mount Tabor High School Mens Soccer

Equine Horse Show Photography

Dallas Horse Show, Unknown Rider

track and field photography

Jefferson Middle School, 2022-2023