"No one can teach riding so well as a horse."

—C.S. Lewis

Blades Story

Blade and Becca and a Lifetime of Love

I cannot tell you when I first fell in love with horses, I can only remember always loving them.

I had posters, books, and grand thoughts of riding them through the woods and meadows of my future.

Well, we all know life doesn't work out the way we think it will when we are 5, or 10, or 25 and it wasn't until I was into my 40's that riding a horse became a reality for me.

When I met Blade and the other horses and Instructors at True Hart Farm, I knew this was my place. That same love for animals and horses that I had known all my life was shared by this family and I felt like I had found a refuge. A place to go and clear your head, connect with your inner being and just be free.

I was starting my photography journey around the same time and frequently used the animals on the farm as my test subjects, as well as my children! I got to know the ins and outs of the farm, the horses, and what it takes to love these animals!

(see pictures below)

This love of both photography and animals combined in a portrait session of my dreams when I was asked to photograph the Lovely Becca and her beautiful Morgan Horse- Blade. Blade came to the farm when his previous owner had to move across the country and could not take him. He was destined for euthanization as an older horse with a previous injury, but the opportunity to help a horse of this breed live out his life knowing love was all Becca needed. Blade had found his new home and his new love of teaching lessons to children. He has now spent the past 5 years teaching lessons almost daily at THF and treats every student with the patience and steadfastness this breed is known for!

Knowing the lifespan of a Morgan Horse is 20-30 years and Blade was at 26, Becca wanted to capture their bond with a special portrait session at the farm. Scheduling a session with your family, friends, or animals is always a good idea. Looking back on photos and walking past them hanging in your home fills your heart with happiness and love, and helps us to keep our loved ones fresh in our memories- whether they are with us, across the country, or passed on to the next life.

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Early Farm Pictures

True Hart Farm

When beginning anything, practice.

And then once you think you have the hang of it, practice some more.

Becca and Blade

True Hart Farm

"I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse."

-John Galsworthy