Mountain family portrait location woman in a field of grass with mountains

a self-portrait

Embrace where you are on this journey, and never stop dreaming.


I'm Heidi, the one behind the lens.

I am a Portrait Photographer and I like to have fun! I crack jokes, tell stories, and capture you in a beautiful way, all while making it an enjoyable experience!

Every morning I wake up and thank God this is what I get to do!

A little about me-

I live in Winston-Salem with my loving and supportive husband (a local restauranteur), our 4 children, 2 cats that think they're dogs, and a dog that thinks he's a cat...

Taking pictures is a life-long passion of mine and one I am thrilled to share with YOU!

I love taking pictures and making art, something I have been doing for as long as I can remember! Portraits are just another form of art, so make sure you find a Photographer (Me) that knows all about that!

In the summer of 2022 I decided to take a giant leap into the professional world of photography and have not looked back once. Every client and every picture taken has been food for my artist soul and keeping that creativity and passion at the heart of my business is how you know you will get the best possible product from your investment.

I look forward to our next session and creating beautiful images for YOUR home!


On location, doing what I love!

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